#sytycd – episode 2

Episode orignally aired 8/14/17

I can’t stay silent anymore!!! I have been watching this show since the first season.  (Except of course when they went off the rails last season with the kiddies.  Sorry little ones I love watching you cook but dance is a mature art that, I believe you shouldn’t be exposed to in its entirety… yet.   PLEASE leave this competition to the “struggling” teenagers and adults who may have gone through some of the experiences. (Sorry, side rant over.)  Since the first season, I have wanted to share my opinion on what I think about the dances, but that need has grown recently as I feel like the judges are too afraid to say anything really critical.  Now I am no dance expert so these are just the opinions of a fan of the show and what it does for the dancing community, and a fan of dance and everything that includes.


Opening Act – Hello 70’s how fun!!! Everyone looks soo good, but I can’t figure out who is who, there is soo much hair.  Ok, I can pick out a few of the all stars. Oh and there’s Mark, nice solo.  Gaby looks good in white with feathered hair. Fun, fun way to start the show still didn’t recognize everyone on stage. Oh and Val from Dancing With the Stars choreographed it, that’s awesome!!!

First up- Mark and Comfort -JAZZ- Sexy dance, Mark is awesome, both dancers are so strong, great way to start off the dances.
I would give it a 7 out of 10

Lex and Gaby -Argentine Tango (uh oh!)- Lex is very shaky, makes it uncomfortable, lot of content, but execution needs to be cleaner.
Sorry Gaby but 5 out of 10 from me.

Kiki and Jenna – Hip Hop (not good for him) – is he dancing at all, or just messing with his collar? Jenna is stealing the camera, or are they just trying to avoid showing him? They didn’t even dance for the last part of the song…. but the judges love it… Really?
4 out of 10 for real! Where is the content?

Sydney and Paul – Contemporary- SEE real life situations that she can relate to.  Beautiful movements, could have used a little more connection with each other.
6 out of 10

Logan and Allison- JAZZ – WITH BRIAN FRIEDMAN!!! (I love him) Logan is sooo captivating, so strong and beyond talented, I love the things he can do with his body.  I know I’m not reviewing the solos but his definitely deserves honorable mention, it was superb.  Allison really needs to shut up, this is not about her, sorry not sorry.

Kat might have one too many necklaces on, but I love your sparkling pants girl.

STEP!!! So cool, and the allstars are in there too, awesome!

Kaylee and Cyrus- HIP HOP! – Phoenix and Pharside!- This is gonna be tight (do people still say that?) Ha Cyrus’ hair is blue! Love it! Her hair always reminded me of a mop, guess I wasn’t the only one.  But seriously, that was really impressive. That’s how you do HIP HOP (take note Kiki)
8 out of 10!

Taylor and Robert – Broadway – Love the song, Oh and the shoes! So sparkly! I’m not sure I feel the same about the dance, I think it might be in the face, but she is super graceful.
6/10 – I wanted to like it if that counts

Koine and Marco -African Jazz- This Music is the best, so creepy crawly.  Amazing routine,  both dancers were super strong and it was so interesting.  I love the head dress and I really like Kat in the head dress.
8 out of 10!

Robert and Jasmine -Contemporary- Robert continues to impress me, so strong and beautiful.  Held his own against Jasmine in her element which is intimidating.  So beautiful!
9 out of 10!

Dassy and Fik-shun (pronounced Fiction, so that’s how I’ll spell it )- Bollywood- I love Fictions pants. She’s not matching his energy level. Hard dance for a beginner.  Did she fall?  At least she recovered well.
7 out of 10

Ok so thats all the dances, bottom 3 are not exactly who I wanted it to be, hope the judges make the right pick.  I’ll discuss who leaves next week. Love you for reading!


Magic and Flowers


It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!! Friends, did you know Christmas is less then 20 days away?? I am so not ready… but I still love the magic in the air around this time of year.  Which brings me to one of the wonderful books I read recently that captured just that.  As part of my reading challenge I got to choose a book written by an author with my same first name and I was able to find “Entwined” by Heather Dixon.  And boy was I glad I did.   Entwined is a retelling of the 12 dancing princesses and if you are not familiar with this story its probably because Disney hasn’t made it into a movie yet.  Let me tell you that is their mistake, this book should be a movie pronto!

Our story opens at the royal Yuletide Ball that our princess, Azalea, not only planned because her mother is ill, but gets the honor of the opening dance with the King (her Father.) The Princess loves to dance, she gets her passion from the queen who is the most graceful dancer and taught her everything she knows.  Unfortunately, because of the queen’s illness the king ends up not making it for the first dance.  Azalea opens the Ball with the prime minister instead but it still turns out to be a pretty wonderful evening. Her ten sisters, who aren’t allowed to attend because they are still too young, end up sneaking in anyway.  She meets an engaging young gentlemen that she hopes will ask her to join him for her favorite and the last dance, The Entwine, also know as the Gentlemen’s catch.  But the ball is stopped abruptly before the last dance and all the guest are asked to leave without much explanation.

We find out the next morning, Christmas Day, that the queen has passed, but she has left behind the newest baby sister, Lily.  The castle is sent into a year of mourning which, for the young girls means a year of black dresses, not being allowed outside, no music and no dancing.  The King even hired someone to disable the bells in the bell tower that the queen was extremely fond of.  The princesses feel that not being able to dance is actually a dishonor to their mother’s memory and so they go searching for some way to keep her joy and love alive.  And they find it, but is it too good to be true?

I really liked this book.  All of the princesses, each was named after a flower and had there own personalities.  I adored the relationships between the sisters, they would tease each other but they were always there for each other with lots of love, much like most sibling relationships are.  I also liked the bond between the King and his daughters and how it grows and matures on both ends.  I enjoyed the style of writing, I feel that Heather Dixon did a great job of bringing me into her magical castle so much so that I really wouldn’t mind living there.  I could imagine this book being a great movie, it has so much humor although dealing with a darker subject matter and some dark magic.  There was not only magic in the story and in the way it was written but the book itself was filled with magical ivy, silver on the cover and grey on the pages making it a feast for your eyes as well as your mind.


I honestly don’t have much that I didn’t like about the story  but if I had to pick it would be the age of the girls.  It was just a little far fetched they could be as young as they were said to be and walking around and taking care of themselves, let alone dancing.  For it to be a 12 Dancing Princess retelling you expect that all the princesses should be able to dance.

Overall this is on my highly recommended list especially for this time of year, its a perfect holiday read.  It’s also a great fairy tale and who can say they don’t love a great fairy tale?  Did I mention I would love for it to be made into a movie?

“In a series of quick steps the gentleman either twists the sash around the lady’s wrist, pinning them (also known as the Catch), or the lady eludes capture within three minutes’ time.”
Ladies’ Dance Pocketbook: Entwine


25 bookish facts about me!

Just in case you wanted to know a little more about me and my love of the written word!


1. The first book I ever read was Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
2. I couldn’t tell you how many books I have read in my lifetime.
3.  My favorite author is Jodi Picoult 
4. My favorite Jodi Picoult book is “Songs of the Humpback Whale”
5. I don’t judge a book by its cover but I am guilty of the occasional cover buy.
6.  I have yet to reread any book.  There are too many out there that I haven’t read the first time around.
7.  That being said, I do want to reread the Harry Potter series in the very near future. 
8. My favorite Harry Potter is the Prisoner of Azkaban  
9.  I cannot read in the car. (Carsickness!!)
10.  My bookish pet peeve is people talking to me while I’m reading, I may be good at multitasking but not that good.  
11.  I rarely use actual bookmarks, I mostly grab random things to hold my place, photos, note cards and even 1 dollar bills.
12.  I am guilty of dreaded dog earring.
13.  I don’t write in margins but I don’t mind people who do, I actually like it. 
14.  I read mostly at night.
15.  I enjoy drinking wine or tea while I read, but I don’t tend to eat.
16.  I only have one bookshelf, but not all of my books are on a shelf.
17.  My most prized book in my collection is a edition of Anne Rice’s “The Vampire Chronicles” (although I haven’t read it yet).
18.  Ebook > Audiobook
19.  Actual book > Ebook
20. Paperback > Hardcover
21.  I leave dust/book covers on when I read 
22.  I almost always insist on reading the book before I see the movie (I almost always like the book better…duh!)
23.  I always have a book on me, my current read has a home in my purse.
24.  I do not have a favorite genre
25.  The literary character that I most identify with is Wendy Moira Angela Darling.